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About Us

Style is a profound inner affair for our people since it has the potential to visually communicate what cannot be articulated verbally. Style has the ability to show who we are in a completely unique way.

The clothes we wear represents who we are, more importantly, who we want to be.


Love, individuality, and style extend beyond the live experience of VOTSALOCONCEPTSTORE, which now has a digital character. So, through our online shop as well as the natural ones, we want our customers to feel as unique as they are.



What else could be more inspiring than the word of " Votsalo” which in English means pebble for a concept store on a Greek island!
Votsalo is a rock that has been smoothed and burnished over the years by the presence and flow of sea water. Found only on beaches or where back in the past where was one.
All women have their own unique beauty and are one of a kind like a Votsalo and this distinction should be emphasized.


The idea was to create a place through which consumers will get to know primarily Greek Designers and the culture of our country. Fashion and culture is our motto after all. In addition, our team is attending to carefully select unique products from all around the world. So the people of Votsalo Concept Stores vision is to showcase feminine beauty by immersing consumers deeper in Greek culture via fashion.  


Our mission is to afford the best service by providing high quality products, multiple choices of clothing and accessories that are selected with love for You. Votsalo Concept Stores open their doors based on this principle, showcasing the work of  primarily  Greek Designers. Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves and we urge women to fell free to do so.


Shopping to be an experience of pleasure and joy. To make memories and get connected. Shopping to be a destination.
By cultivating a connection of trust and love with our consumers since 2014, we want our customers to feel beautiful and showing it by creating beautiful moments and memories.. 


So the first Votsalo opens its doors in 2014. After 2 years in 2016 the second shop in the marina of IOS is a fact. And here we are know in 2021 launching our online store.

Dream Big and don't forget to TREATYOURSELF!


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